George Lucas wanted Darth Talon to corrupt Han and Leia’s son in Episode VII


Lucasfilm Development Exec Pablo Hidalgo shared more information about George Lucas’ treatments for the third Star Wars trilogy.





Darth Talon is a Twi’lek Sith Lady created for the Star Wars: Legacy comic series (check out her Wookieepedia entry).

Here are some concept arts from The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



12 thoughts on “George Lucas wanted Darth Talon to corrupt Han and Leia’s son in Episode VII

  1. That bottom concept art…Yowza! It looks like Ben and Talon are having a little too much fun there. A sex scene in SW? I doubt that would happen under Lucas’ control. Plus, Kylo Ren having sex with Talon. Eeeeeewwww! I’m grossed out just thinking about it.


    • Two persons in bed doesn’t mean a full on sex scene; there has been inter-species couples in SW before (TCW). And it’s my understanding the storyboard is based, at least in part, on GL/Arndt story, before the big shift. But concept arts or early storyboards, aren’t always meant to be seen on screen anyway.


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  3. I do not know about you, but this sounds like more Disney cover: “So you didn’t like TLJ? Well those were all left-over Lucas ideas anyway.” With the giant success that was TFA, they could not run far enough away from uncle George, and now (with this more unpopular film) they are pointing out all of his influence.

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    • Disney has been on serious damage control over the new film. And I have seen way too many articles defending Disney and stating that those who don’t like the new film are wrong and the film is flawless, amazing, super duper fantastic etc.

      Basically they sum it up as it is the fans fault for not liking it. Oh and in true Marxist fashion, anyone who doesn’t like the new film is a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, alt-right troll, conservative, Nazi and the list goes on. There is no shortage of insults by the lovers of TLJ, who are supposedly the “tolerant” ones! I have been called just about every insult I named and some I haven’t. Even if I can list a million and one reasons why I dislike it and none of them have anything to do with those labels. But those don’t bother me much. I worked as a Correctional Officer for the state in maximum security facilities for over 20+ years. So these clowns on comment sections throwing out shame labels is like dealing with a gnat flying around my head.

      But it really goes to show how the fans of this film are. It doesn’t really help them in their case at all.


  4. Bryan Young still goes too far here- nowhere in the books is it indicated that all of those ideas in TFA and TLJ came from GL- more likely there major story points but certain things hadn’t been decided yet.

    Does anyone know exactly what that last image pertains to? It seems by the look of things that there was a Jedi Order in GL’s story(or they toyed with the concept)

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