Zaha Hadid Design created furnitures inspired by Queen Amidala and Princess Leia

From Architectural Digest:

“Aesthetically-minded Star Wars fanatics, take note: Leblon Delienne and Zaha Hadid Design, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, have created furniture pieces inspired by characters in the Star Wars universe. Leblon Delienne has been drawing inspiration from the various imaginary worlds that exist in pop culture and has been creating furniture and art pieces for over thirty years. Combining Zaha Hadid Design’s trademark fluidity of shapes and form with the unique character understanding of Leblon Delienne, these designs will please Star Wars fans and interior design enthusiasts alike.

zahahadidSketches for the Amida desk by Leblon Delienne and Zaha Hadid Design.

The Le-a coffee table’s chic twist is inspired by Princess Leia’s signature hairstyle and braids, yet retains its elegance, and is available in white, black, pearl white, or brass. The Amida desk draws inspiration from the curves and geometries of Padmé Amidala’s headpiece from Star Wars Episodes 1–3. Aside from the visual similarities, the senatorial desk also takes inspiration from the character’s story, heritage, and origin.”

zahahadid2The Amida desk.

zahahadid3The Le-a coffee table.


Hasbro Star Wars design director: ‘We’re seeing a little bit of love coming back for the prequels’


From The Force Guide:

TFG: So for the Black Series 6”, a lot of the prequel characters and Clone Wars characters have been great additions, like Qui-Gon and Captain Rex. Will we be seeing more of those prequel and Clone Wars characters going forward?

[Hasbro Star Wars design director Steve Evans] : Yeah. 2019 is 20 years of The Phantom Menace. We’ve been talking about it a lot, actually, at this convention. The love for the prequels has kind of gone through this sort of—hate has kind of gone into, like, love again. There’s a lot of memes out there, and Hayden Christensen had a good response when he made an appearance, I think it was at Celebration. We’re seeing a little bit of love coming back for the prequels, so we’ll share some love on that, I’m sure, going forward.”