Fan-film ‘Attack of the Clones Special Edition’ gets a trailer

From Knights of Renesmee:

“The Knights of Renesmee are proud to announce the second instalment in our definitive remake of George Lucas’s beloved Star Wars prequel trilogy, featuring sand, deathsticks and levitating fruit.

We’ve already remade Revenge of the SIth – check the trailer out here:…

No release date yet but filming is mostly completed.”



French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe loves Star Wars, especially The Phantom Menace


From Vanity Fair France, via Corentin Lamy (translation by Naboo News):

“[…] France’s Prime Minister [Édouard Philippe] was caught in a flagrant unspeakable passion: on his cufflinks, Le Journal du dimanche spotted the words “May the Force be with you”, the catchphrase of Star Wars. […]

Of all the episodes, Édouard Philippe nevertheless indicated that his favourite is The Phantom Menace (I), the one where two Jedi investigate a political crisis that disturbs the peaceful planet Naboo.”

Ahmed Best thinks Lucasfilm didn’t promote enough the pioneering process of creating Jar Jar

Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars Prequels, says Lucasfilm didn’t promote enough the process of bringing the character to the screen, which was pioneering at the time (at 12:25)

“A lot of people think I was just a voice actor. I don’t think that’s fair, not just to me but to the process of filmmaking. Regardless of whether you loved Jar Jar or hated him, he was important in the canon of what was coming next. Episode I dropped in 1999, the last year of the 20th century, and here was this pioneering process that pretty much took over the 21st century. To slight everyone involved or to not be aware of the history of that… and I have to say Lucasfilm is partially to blame here as well, because I don’t think they focused too much on the process of making the character, and I think that is what should have been the star, when we were talking about Jar Jar. Everyone was just playing catch-up from the backlash and although I understand that, I think the converse argument to it is filmmaking has changed and we changed it, and the reason why you hated the character was because the process was succesful. You believed that this characted existed, and that process takes an actor, and it takes the animators, and there is a symbiotic relationship that occurred that has now changed movies.”

Ahmed Best wanted Jar Jar to die in Revenge of the Sith

Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the Prequel Trilogy, says he wanted his character to die in Revenge of the Sith (at 45:33):

“I always complained to George, like when I realized that Sith was not gonna have Jar Jar in it pretty much and they were moving very very far away from me… I always complained to George that I didn’t get a good death. I wanted to really be just hacked to pieces in some kind of way, and George wouldn’t do it.

The interesting thing about Jar Jar is everybody keeps looking for an explanation for him, which is human nature, and I’m gonna have a big part of my book talking about why this is what it it because I thought a lot about it. And I like all of these theories that try to explain the reasoning for Jar Jar. We talked about the dark Jar Jar before and this one [in the novel Aftermath: Empire’s End] where he becomes this tragic character who realizes he’s been manipulated in his mind. Everybody’s trying to come up with this reasoning. Everybody’s trying to come up with a finality for him. I think it’s cool and interesting.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi theatrical poster revealed


“The theatrical poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was revealed on Twitter’s #WhatsHappening today by director Rian Johnson. The powerful image features a prominent Luke Skywalker above Rey, Kylo Ren, General Leia Organa, and more of the film’s heroes and villains, with a squad of Resistance ski speeders on a collision course with First Order walkers below. Take a closer look:”


Robot Chicken creator says Lucasfilm is far less willing to collaborate since George Lucas left


From Screen Rant:

“One of Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich’s favorite things to parody on the long-running Adult Swim sketch show is Star Wars, which was fully supported by Lucasfilm guru, George Lucas, when the show started out. When Lucas sold his multi-billion dollar company to Disney in 2012, however, things changed a bit for Robot Chicken, and now it’s not as easy for the series to do Star Wars specials as it once was.

Speaking with Screen Rant at SDCC 2017, Senreich admitted the Star Wars stuff is “closest and dearest to his heart,” and it shows. […]

When asked how it was so easy for the show to have access to the Star Wars canon, Senreich replied:

“Because it was just one guy: George Lucas. He saw our show and he was the one to approach us, like, “What do you guys want to do with us?” It started a multi-year relationship. When he sold the company to Disney, it changed the relationship… It comes down to corporations playing with each other. As much as we know those people, and they like us and we like them, we are dealing with billion dollar companies that could care less what we think and how well we know each other.”

Senreich said that they will still poke fun at Star Wars, just in a shortened version – at least, for now:

“For a regular episode of the show, it’s parody so it’s no different from say Saturday Night Live making fun of any of these properties. But to do a full episode of an actual property, we would need the agreement of that company.””