Star Wars authors Daniel José Older and Rae Carson changed their mind and now appreciate the Prequels

Daniel José Older is the author of the upcoming novel Star Wars: Last Shot.

Older in 2015:


Older now:


Rae Carson is the author of the upcoming novel Star Wars: Most Wanted.

Carson in 2012:


Carson now:



Lucasfilm announced many books that will connect with Solo: A Star Wars Story

From Entertainment Weekly:

“Each new Star Wars film comes with a constellation of novels, comics, and storybooks surrounding and enhancing the narrative. In this exclusive preview, Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain takes EW on a journey through the books of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Last Shot, by Daniel José Older

Padmé Amidala to get her own young adult novel



“Our good friends over at Jedi-Bibliothek have uncovered some pretty awesome information for fans of Padme Amidala. It looks like a young adult novel featuring Padme is on the way! […]

Not a lot is known about the novel at this time other than it will be released April 24th, 2018, but I’m sure more information will be released soon. I’m curious as to what timeline we’ll find Padme in the novel. A story set between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones could be very cool, that gap hasn’t really been explored.”

Star Wars author Saladin Ahmed said ‘George Lucas can suck my d*** for making turbo-racist s***’


UPDATE : Saladin Ahmed deleted his tweet.


Note: he was discussing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

In case you missed it, Ahmed also accused the Star Wars Prequels of racism.

Saladin Ahmed is one of the authors of the upcoming book Star Wars: Canto Bight.