Force Arena new update will bring the Clone Wars era


From Mobirium:

“Squad Leaders,

Today we are bringing you some information about our next big update, Star Wars™: Force Arena 2.0! This update will open up a new era for the game, the Clone Wars era!

Version 2.0 will be bringing the Clone Wars era to Star Wars Force Arena. This update will include characters such as Yoda, Darth Maul, Anakin Skywalker, General Grievous and more!

As the Clone Wars era is steeped in Star Wars history, there are many posibilities for cards. Here are a few of the cards that will form the backbone to both the Light and Dark Sides of the Arena!”



DICE Design Director wants to add more Prequel Era characters in Battlefront II

Dennis Vrännvall is Associate Design Director at DICE. He’s working on Star Wars Battlefront II.

Watch Padmé and Ahsoka in Star Wars Forces of Destiny: The Imposter Inside

“Ahsoka and Padme face off against a shape-shifting bounty hunter. ”

Note: the bounty hunter is Cato Parasitti.

“This Clawdite bounty hunter from the planet Zolan was one of the most lethal assassins in the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, she was involved in a plot with Cad Bane to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple. Using holographic technology in addition to her shape changing abilities, she was able to infiltrate the Jedi Temple disguised as Ord Eniscence, a Jedi master murdered by Cad Bane. Eventually, Parasitti had to abandon that identity and assume the guise of Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu. Eventually, padawan Ahsoka Tano saw through her disguise and defeated the Clawdite.” (source :

Nerdist: “Why Ahsoka Tano deserves her own Star Wars comic”


Ahsoka Tano has become my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. First introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, she is a rich, realized character who has taken control and held onto her agency again and again over the years. She’s one of few characters in Star Wars we’ve watched grow from an impetuous kid to an adult with wisdom beyond her years. What we’ve seen and read of Ahsoka’s story so far has been by turns fun, enlightening, and emotional… but I want more and I’m not alone.

Marvel Comics wrapped their panel at Star Wars Celebration with an informal audience poll. As far as I could tell, the questions about what sort of stories fans want to see in future comics were more for fun and less for serious market research. But when Ahsoka Tano came up, she received deafening applause. When it came to a question of Ahsoka vs. any other comic, the Ahsoka supporters won, hands-down. […]

Ahsoka deserves her own comic because we still have interesting pockets of her life to explore. If you look at the stars of Star Wars comics miniseries so far—Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Kanan—it’s true Ahsoka’s had as much or more screen time than all of them. With five seasons of The Clone Wars and her time in Star Wars Rebels, we’ve had hours with the character. Fans aren’t tired of her despite all those hours, and their enthusiasm speaks volumes. […]

One of the great joys of comics is that a five-issue miniseries doesn’t need to cover a huge swath of time. It could focus on a single mission. There are still unproduced Clone Wars scripts to pull from, and we know Ahsoka kept in touch with Anakin at least through the early part of Revenge of the Sith. She worked with Captain Rex during that time to siege Mandalore and stop Darth Maul and Death Watch. What I would give to see the battle play out. We could also drop into Ahsoka’s early days as Fulcrum.

Then there’s the representation aspect. Marvel’s Star Wars comics have had female lead characters, but of all their miniseries and ongoing series, Princess Leia, Doctor Aphra, and the upcoming Captain Phasma are the only ones featuring female character names in the title (to be honest, Marvel hasn’t been doing so hot with the number of female creators behind the scenes of Star Wars comics either). Since Disney and Lucasfilm have been making a push for more representation and inclusivity on screen, it seems silly for the comics to not do the same. […]”

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SWCO 2017: 11 Things We Learned from Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo’s “Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates” Panel


“Dave Filoni, executive producer of Star Wars Rebels and Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group came together on the first day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando to give a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most beloved animated characters, ships, and storylines from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and beyond. Here are 11 of the most revealing insights and surprises from the panel, as well as sketches and concept art shown throughout.


1. Savage Opress (and George Lucas) were instrumental in resurrecting Maul from the dead. Once he had seen the other son of Dathomir in his animated glory on The Clone Wars, Lucas approached Filoni about adding Maul to the cast, complete with spidery legs. “I’ve got an idea and you’re going to love it,” Lucas told him. “Oh…that so seldom lines up,” he joked. After seeing The Phantom Menace, he — like many fans — had assumed Maul was never going to heal. “It’s over. He’s cut in half. How does that work?” Filoni told Lucas of his idea for resurrection. Lucas’ advice? “I don’t know. Figure it out.”[…]

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